Biscuit the Dog


Consider me dog obsessed. I work in a dog-friendly office, and nothing makes me happier than feeling a wet nose on my legs asking for a scratch behind the ears. My coworkers know how much I love dogs, so I've been asked to dog-sit a few times.

The first time involved a not-so-pleasant flea situation. (I literally cried in front of my coworkers the next day.) But this time, with Biscuit, went off without a hitch. Here are some photos, if you'd like to see.

Biscuit just got picked up, and I already miss him. I'm wondering, is it time to get a dog? (I think I'd get a firm no from the cats.)


  1. It would be a lucky dog. Would you get a smaller apartment-sized dog? Is that what you want? Probably better for taking to work. (California!)

    I know lots of dogs need homes, but if you get one I hope you get a puppy.

    1. Ideally, I'd like a large dog. (A german shepherd, specifically.) Which isn't really feasible until I have a place with a yard. I wouldn't mind getting a medium sized dog, like Biscuit, but it doesn't really make things that much easier. For example, I love taking a train to work, but it's not possible with a dog, large or small.

      I'm curious though, why a puppy? Behavior issues in an adult dog? What about a young dog from a shelter?

  2. No, nothing like behavior issues. Just so you can get to experience its puppyhood. A young dog from shelter sounds great as far as I know. The cats may take to it better than you expect, too. Or you could get a lynx:


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