Peony Season (on Instagram)

photo via ohdaughter

Have you read The Agony of Instagram article that's been making the rounds? (Actually, it's from last December, so I'm 6 months late to the party, as usual.) I'm no stranger to feeling like I don't have my shit together after browsing Instagram. (Like this. Guitar, puppy, credenza, Saarinen, VIEW!)  But some of the photos just push it over the edge of ridiculous and I have to laugh.

There's the yes-I-do-have-a-camera-crew-follow-me-on-my-runs shot, I'm-clearly-standing-on-the-chair-at-a-restaurant, I-don't-always-wear-a-tutu-but-when-I-do-it's-in-the-snow.

Sarah's comments on this topic really stuck with me:
The next time you see the perfect overhead shot of a macaron, a computer keyboard and peonies, really look at it. Odds are that girl went out and bought peonies for the specific purpose of Instagramming them (I'm not kidding), dragged that vase over her keyboard so she can't even see her computer screen, and all so she could capture an image that looks good in a little, tiny square. That's actually hilarious, right? There is nothing agonizing about that at all. Confusing? Sure. Agonizing? No.
True, right?


  1. Thank you for this post, Olga. T h a n k y o u!

  2. My favorite genre of instagram photos:
    The "I'm-at-a-remote-beach/top-of-a-mountain/behind-a-waterfall/zen-garden-doing yoga-poses". Bonus points for the pictures with the Hollywood sign in the background.


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