MV Farmers' Market


All these photos were taken at the Mountain View farmers' market (reviews!). Let it be known that the hypocrisy of these photos right after my instagram rant is not lost on me. I just thought they made for a cool series.

This market is one of the biggest in the area. It's located right in the Caltrain MV station parking lot. We drove that day because my brother hates trains, but it's totally accessible by Caltrain. (I should dedicate a post to things most people are apathetic toward, and my brother hates with vigor. Trains are up there.)

We got a bunch of strawberries, acme bread, ice cream, and this coconut water. Have you ever had coconut water? It was my first (and last :) time. Who knew coconut water is so salty?!

image image

But the coolest thing at this market was this guy selling Japanese Maples. Did you know there are many different kinds of those trees? There was one that just looked like a bare tree with green branches. If you look closer, it's actually dark colored branches with lots of tiny leaves coating each branch.

(This outing was a couple of months ago, but that tree really stuck with me for some reason. :)

Oh, and I've decided to continue home cooked meals the rest of the week. Last night's dinner:

// steak salad (w. potatoes + radishes!) //