Eating In


This weekend turned out to be a cooking marathon. We didn't eat a single meal at a restaurant. I'm a little bit confused about how I let that happen (because I love me some brunch). But here are a few guesses why I chose cooking over eating out this weekend...

- my brother was out of town; he hates all home-cooked food
- an excess of fruit to snack on
- a good-looking eggplant gifted to me by a sweet co-worker, Andrée
- i promised myself waffles since waffle roost had a ridiculous line at off the grid on wed
- none of you responded with brunch suggestions

As a result, I used every single appliance in my kitchen with the exception of a panini press. Embarrassingly, that includes an ice cream maker. :)

Now I'm wondering, should I continue this weird streak? It kind of felt awesome.