Bitcasa Runners

I'm running again!

My first day at Bitcasa was a Thursday (01/02/14). The next day, on Friday, as my teammates headed out for a lunchtime run, I got them to invite me. I've been running with them every Wednesday and Friday ever since. It's so fun! Competing against myself is what I miss the most about juggling, and I love that aspect of running. (My best 5K is now 23:59!)

We've moving offices from downtown Mountain View to San Mateo this weekend. So, on Wednesday, we got all of the runners together for one last run on Stevens Creek Trail. We're definitely going to miss MV. :(

This is one fine running group, don't you think?

P.S. The young man on the left is our very own Philip Webster. (You might remember his smart-ass comments here, or his hilarious jony federighi contribution.) This fool willingly applied to be my intern, and is now likely regretting it. Ha!


  1. It was great to get all of the runners together for a final run in MV!

  2. Correction: Applied to be an intern. Had I known it would be you who would be bossing me around all summer, I would have thought a little harder about accepting.

  3. A 23:59 5K is IMPRESSIVE - way to go! While I can't manage to maintain my own blog, I'm enjoying catching up on yours this evening.

    1. Thanks, Jessie! When I told my brother my time he was like, "Uhh. That's not very fast." It kind of amazed me how little that bothered me. I'm totally proud of my time. :)

      And regarding maintaining a blog. Please. I'm certainly no example of blogging consistency. It comes and goes in waves. We just gotta do whatever feels right. Amirite?


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