Happy Birthday, Vova!


My brother turns 28 today!

Do you have a sibling? It's the most special thing. When you're young, all you're thinking is "why did I have to grow up with such a loser who is better than me at everything?" And then some time passes, and you realize what an incredible thing you have.

No other person in the world has more context on what you went through in your formative years. To have somebody so uniquely in tune with all your weirdness is such a gift. I'd be totally lost without you, Vova.

IMG_2892 IMG_2856 Untitled

Fun fact. Vova shaved his head and grew a beard since the last photo I've taken of him. :)

P.S. Some more Vova-related things, you're in the mood to look back: when we made an app, when we covered a song, when we moved to the US.


  1. Yeah, I often think the same thing about context. I think not even parents have as much context on my life as you do.

    Also, you guys coming and washing my car in the middle of the night was an epically thoughtful present. No matter how much he racks his brain, this loser will never beat you at what actually matters: being thoughtful.


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