Homework Day = Food Fest

Thursday was spent predominately on homework. It is week 1 of school, friends, and I am already swamped with work. Professors are warning us that it's only going to get harder and I am wondering if I can, indeed, take 4 classes this quarter. Unfortunately I really like all of my classes, so there isn't an obvious drop candidate. We shall see.

So, whenever I spend the day doing homework, or studying in general, I end up eating 2-3 times more than I would normally eat. I find myself wolfing down Nilla wafers, whole bars of milk chocolate, bread, cheese and anything else I happen to have on hand.

See, when I'm a little hungry and I am just lounging around I will most likely be too lazy to get up and get something to eat. When I'm actively solving problems at the slightest feeling of hunger I get a box of cereal out and eat half of it while thinking about whatever it is I'm working on. I can't seem to concentrate on work if I'm even a little hungry. I just end up thinking about food and what I could be eating instead of the problem at hand.

ONE of today's snacks was totally stolen from Mrs. Y. We had a pre-dinner snack (my favorite kind of snack) very similar to this in her home. I loved it then so I decided to try to imitate it with what I had on hand. This is what I did:

1. Cut and toast bread. (Bread is the most important ingredient, so it better be good. I happened to have super awesome Gelson's french baguette that I had bought while it was still warm. Remember it, Sue?)
2. Warm up some tomato based something. (I had a can of tomato soup. Mrs. Y had delicious-delicious bruschetta.)
3. Cut THICK slices of fresh mozzarella cheese. (Mmm.)
4. Steal some fresh basil from your roommate.
5. Soak the bread in tomato-based-thing, put basil and cheese on it, (put some more of the tomato-based thing on top) and you're ready for elves and singing and dancing sprites to dance around in your mouth as you hum an indistinguishable tune.

(You better make and eat this thing. I didn't write all this for nothing. That means you, mama.)


  1. Мама: "Да, всё это кажется очень вкусным. Только я не видела в наших магазинах fresh mozzarella cheese. :-) Спасибо за рецепт!"

  2. Sounds goods. We will need to stock your frig with bruschetta.
    I do remember the warm french bread...we shopped so long it wasn't warm at the end of our trip.

  3. How come there's bright orange stuff on it? Is that tomato based?

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