Sweet Kicks, Cool Flicks

I am in love with Ultimate. It is, by far, the coolest game you can play on a field. We've had two practices and I can't wait for the next one on Friday. I am definitely planning on sticking with it this quarter as well as the next one.

Today we did a ton a drills (so much fun!) and scrimmaged. I was so involved in the game that I didn't notice I sprained my neck. It hurts a lot right now.

So, I joined the Ultimate Frisbee team and J, my roommate, joined the Taekwondo Team. We are enjoying showing each other our respective skills. We were laughing so hard jumping around the living room that I decided to record this awesomeness so I can watch it when I'm not feeling so great.
Hope everybody is having a great week!


  1. I am having a great week now that I have seen this video. (Fo serious!)

  2. I KNEW you'd love it, Jessica.


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