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I am back in A-town today. It's nice. Today we drove around looking at cars people posted for sale on craigslist.

The first car we looked at was a 2-door hatchback Ford Focus. What a piece of shit that was. I was kind of excited because it was a 2000 and my original goal was to get a car that wasn't older than me (1990). It was priced within my price range (sort of), and well, I REALLY wanted to love it. During the test drive I noticed there was some trouble with the clutch, the interior was shitty, and, most importantly, the guy gave me the creeps.

We did all go to In-and-Out on the way back, so the trip wasn't a complete loss.

Next we looked at 2003 Saturn Ion. (2003! Woo!) I loved, loved, loved, loved this car. This also was under $3,000 and the person selling it was much less questionable. It was a 4-door with a really roomy trunk. It's nothing fancy, no power windows or locks, the air-conditioning needs fixing, but it felt and looked fantastic.

After all this I took grandpa to IHOP and we had a good time. On the way home I noticed the full moon. It made me think of the Sunday two weeks ago as JY and I were coming down the mountain, scared shitless. It was a new moon and we kept losing the trail because it was hard to see even with our headlamps on.


  1. You can have a remote/automatic lock system installed on your car (along with an alarm) for a relatively cheap price.

  2. Hey, когда чатиться будем?

  3. А что на фотках то?

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