Too Much Wisdom

Upon waking up yesterday morning I realized my left ear hurt when swallowing. I dismissed it as beginnings of a cold. (All of my roommates have been coughing and sneezing for a couple of weeks now. They still are. That's what cold medication does to you.) I went about my day and by the evening it was really starting to bother me. I gargled salt water which didn't seem to help.

So, this morning when taking my Invisalign out I realized I had had similar symptoms about 15 months ago just before getting my wisdom teeth out. I got all four of them out last year. (I have them in a ziplock to prove it.) I'm really confused. I counted my teeth today. I have all 28. Is it possible that I have an extra molar coming in? I'm worried because I don't think I can handle anesthesia again after what happened last time.

ON A HAPPIER NOTE! JZ (Jay-Z, hahahaha!), JM and I made a trip to World Market a few days ago. I love World Market because they have candy that I remember and love from my trips to various countries. I picked up Milka and this Israeli chocolate called Flake. I don't actually know if it originated in Israel. I just remember eating it every day there.
JZ also surprised me with these really, really cute gloves. I will take pictures when it actually gets colder. (UGH, I'm really not likin' this close to 90 degree weather. Fall needs to hurry up already.)


I love, love, love playing ultimate. Flick has gotten pretty solid. My defense was good today. In fact, today I D-ed the disc and then cut to score right after. My feet are hurting so much in cleats right now. Every step hurts the tops of my arches, but when I play it totally ceases to matter. I may be limping when I'm just trying to casually walk/run somewhere but when I run for the disc, it is MINE and nobody is getting to it faster.


  1. They had lots of Flake in England. It's made by cadberry, right? I LOOOOVED some of the chocolate there, I would eat it every day. I have to find a picture of my favorite ones. One was a chocolate covered honeycomb bar, and one was this chocolate with this deeelicious creamy center. MMMMMMMMMMMM I think they actually have them at world market.

  2. Мама: "Оля, ухо может болеть из-за проблем в носу или горле, если только это не воспаление среднего уха. Что возможно, если продует где-то. Полощи нос и горло и особенно это актуально, если вокруг все чихают и кашляют. Чаще мой руки. Будь здорова, дорогая."
    А кроссовки тебе не малы? В которых ты играешь. Может поменять на размер больше? Посоветуйся с тренером.

  3. My ear hurt when my wisdom tooth was growing in. My ear doesn't hurt anymore, only the back of my gum.


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