Friends with Guitars and Cameras


Every other weekend my friend Joe and I go over to our friends' house down the street from my apartment. They have a beautiful home with beautiful furniture (that I'm always coveting). They bring out tasty (and healthy) snacks and several bottles of different bourbon, I bring a dessert of some kind and my camera.


We sit around the kitchen counter/dinner table (what an awesome idea to make it dual purpose) and talk about our weeks. They drink bourbon, I drink water and eat 2-3 servings of dessert. John usually starts off playing some blues guitar, we transition into me playing the songs that I've learned since we met last, and John improvising on top of what I'm playing. Then they play and sing some combination of the Beatles, James Taylor, Eagles, Cat Stevens, and other artists that I've never heard of and Mer contemplates starting a cover band.


John has taught me pretty much everything I know about guitars and cameras. I purchased a guitar after our first weekend get-together where I learned a few chords on one of John and Mer's guitars. I have been learning how to play it since and it's been a blast. 

As is watching their daughter do somersaults in their trampoline!

So, here is to good friends