Something Missing

I'm living my dream. Somehow I managed to get a job doing what I love. I come home to two playful, loving, and obedient cats. (I know you're thinking that obedient cat is an oxymoron, but with proper and consistent training, it's not!) I have an awesome (yellow!) kitchen that I get to cook in every single day. And yet, something is missing.

This video need-not a comment

That something is DANCE, my friends. You see, I love dance almost as much as I love cooking. My last quarter at UCLA I took dance (ballet) and it was, dare I say, one of the best course choosing decisions I've made. I was the only non-dance/theater major in the class and I struggled to keep up with the combinations that the professor counted out for us. But it was awesome. I had so much fun.

I love the dance in the middle of the Anna Sun music video and I love this guy's interpretation of it. And I love the cross behind him.

And now I sit here not having danced in a year now! I mean, there is the occasional improvised dance routine in the kitchen, or a waltz and pique turns in the work hallway, but there is nothing like learning a combination, marking it with the whole group and then performing it across the room in pairs. I miss it so much. Need to find a class to join pronto!

Can these guys be my friends?!

Or find people in a park to dance with. I'll take either.


  1. Танцы это, конечно, хорошо! Но может тебе ещё на курсы жонглирования записаться? Я знаю одного хорошего тренера у вас в Калифорнии. Его зовут Вова. :-)

  2. Yay! We are going to hold you to that. I expect a dance class blog post in the future (or a dancing with the hobos in the park post). Hmm, you could probably become a viral sensation as the dances-with-winos girl. Not what you had in mind? :)

  3. Dude, that last video was taped at USC. The place where they're dancing is actually where CS graduation went down. You guys sat close to that fountain in the background.

    1. Oh ya! You're totally right. That's good because I'm about to make a move to befriend these dancin' fools.


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