Summer Squash and Young Potatoes


I got my grubby hands on some home-grown summer squash recently. And thought, "what to do, what to do". I could go simple and just sauté the beautiful yellow things and call it a side, or I could enter "summer squash" into the smitten kitchen search (which, by the way, yields an impressive 10 page result). I went with the latter.

The number one reason I went with this particular recipe is because I could use a mandolin! Slicing with this thing is so fun, I was kind of disappointed when I ran out of vegetables. I did have to wear a cut glove and I'm so glad I did. I would've cut myself 4-5 times if I wasn't wearing one.

IMG_1895IMG_1897 IMG_1900IMG_1903

I followed this recipe from smitten kitchen. She did hers in 2 cake pans, but the cast-iron skillet did not let me down. I probably wouldn't use a full cup of parmesan cheese next time. But I'm not a huge fan of parmesan like some people are. I mean, I love me some parmesan on pasta, but I think another (milder) cheese would go better with this dish.

Of course, making a full 7-layered summer squash and potato torte for just myself is something only a crazy person would do. I had a pretty hard time finishing the whole thing. This yields very generous 8 (side) servings. It was really good the first couple of nights, but there are only so many meals in a row you can eat a dish with "torte" in its name. Am I right? I can see making a 3-layer version of this in a personal au gratin dish.

I have good ideas, readers! I have great ideas.


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