Black & White

1: 7 for all mankind high shine jeans; 2: bagatelle blouse from anthro; 3: sam edelman ankle boots

Cyber monday came and went, and I'm still in a shopping mood. What gives? Been really feeling the black and white stuff recently. (Blame JZ.) 

I know what you're thinking. Could those jeans be any tighter? Also, aren't those leather and uncomfortable? Those are pretty tight, but leather they are NOT. These are high shine jeans ("oooh! ahhh!") and feel soft like jeans, but look like leather. How genius? This pair is all the rage right now, and they have it in all these delicious fall shades too. I'm not sure I can pull off leather-looking pants, but they certainly look badass on the model.

Boots and shirt are self explanatory, no?