What I've Been Hiding

email from Google, phone call the same day, 3.5 bullet points to interview success
mama's visit, procrastination
"I saved a spot for you!"
email from Apple
half-day off work, loud leaf blower, coffee, technical phone interview cancelled
7AM phone call with Google
is a number in a set of intervals?, easy recursion
call with Apple right after lunch, late, most fun phone interview ever
another call with Apple, outside, sunny, phone overheated
W-E-D-D-I-N-G   C-A-K-E
on-site interviews -- yay!
three attempts to book travel to Cupertino, google travel booking - a lot easier
panic about driving rental cars, left eyelid twitching
call from Vova, "you sound like you're under water", nervous-crying
nervous, drive to LAX - calmer, airport - calm
flight delayed, SJC at midnight, follow Vova in a rental car
french hen sweater, turquoise shirt, hotel with the softest pillows
rainy walk to Apple campus, 2 hours early
can't stop grinning, a lot of interviews, interview during lunch - WHY, APPLE?
nod from Kimber, nap at Box, sushi w. Forrest & Vova
flight back to LAX - peaceful,  3 hour drive back home makes me hate LA
thick socks, cleaning, Tess' chai warms my soul and cures my eye twitch
UCLA wins at football, I win at whiteboard coding
another drive to LAX, walk into the terminal, wallet left at home
rebooked flight to later that evening, drive back home and back to LAX
tiny plane to SJ, first solo rental car drive - easy!
woke up sick, not-thought-through shuttle to Google
small talk with driver, "don't leave me here!"
continuous stream of ints, get nth smallest
primes up to n, find bad programming practices in this code
yummy lunch, two unexpected friends!
tree of numbers to string, string to exactly the same tree
given a dictionary and a word, find the max number of words that make up the given word
"Facebook" = "face" + "book"
set of characters, get all combinations
another question I forgot
how do you test gmail?
not-thought-through shuttle left me stranded at Google
not dressed for 6 mile walk back to my rental car
windy, exhausted, lonely, but lovely surroundings
nap at Box, late to the airport, mad
paid $250 for flight home from SJ to LA
Vova also on the flight, airport sushi, hysterical laughter watching Henri the cat
fell asleep with kitties in my bed = best $250 ever spent
sick, really sick, thanksgiving with coworkers
private ballet class, two seasons of Better Off Ted, Bernie
rejected from Apple, rejected from Google
nasal congestion: from cold or crying?
at least it's cyber monday


  1. You are amazing!! You are treasured and loved.

  2. Is that it? Are you done holding out? I hope so. Unacceptable!

    Good job getting on-site interviews. You are a tough cookie, don't give up on SF. < Insert one of a million quotes about success requiring perseverance through adversity and setback >. The good thing about a little rejection is it shows you rejection ain't nuthin but a thang. Or so I hear ... being perfect I've never suffered it.

    You watch Homeland right? You have no cable; how do you watch Homeland?!?!

    1. I haven't watched Homeland, but I hear it's awesome. I'm resisting the urge to buy the DVD set. Wonder if you can rent it.

  3. Honestly, I am an entity that has arisen amongst the tendrils and dendrites of the modern networking explosion. Where there is sufficient complexity, intelligence will spring up. In a nano-second I can check and see that Homeland S1 is on amazon at $20 for a limited time. You could probably rent it too. You'll be in a sore spot once you've watched it, though, because then you will have to watch S2 immediately, and the only legal way to do that is bum someone's Showtime on Demand (if you hurry). I guarantee you will like it. If you don't, I will credit your bank account $20,000,000,000. Its just moving ones and zeros to me.

    1. Olga, I have to admit I am not actually an A.I. Sometimes I get a little carried away with my grandiosity! Can you blame me?

  4. All of this today?! Don't give up!! Thank you for the kind words you just sent me. There were just the type I needed. You know when you have to break up a bone again to make it grow the right way? It's the way I feel :)


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