Put It Up (in a Bun)

you can see the spin-pin in my super-thin hair

I've always wanted hairstyles that I couldn't have because my hair wasn't thick enough. When I was little and had the luxury of somebody doing my hair every day (miss you, mama!), I'd request this girl's exceptionally sweet do, but sadly we pretty much could do none of the styles I'd see on other girls because my hair was too thin.

Well, little has changed - my hair is just as thin, I can't twist it into awesomely-effortlessly-chic-messy up-dos like other girls, and I can't even blame a bad hair day on my mom. What a crappy deal.

In an effort to combat my pathetically thin hair, I've been growing it out. I know growing longer hair unfortunately doesn't translate to more hair, but I am relentless.

Long hair would be more awesome if it wasn't so annoying. (Let me just take a few seconds while you absorb the vast depth of that statement.) I am pretty much incapable of eating with my hair down without it getting into my food. It's gets in the way when I'm trying to figure out why my code doesn't work. Split ends - ugh! It makes my neck sweat when I'm nervous.

SOLUTION: this DNA-strand-looking thing. It's awesome.
I always have it in my purse/pocket because 1) it's easy to put my hair up with it; 2) it stays there until I take it out* (unlike the free-form knot); 3) my stupidly-fragile hair doesn't get creased like it does with a ponytail. Case closed.

How do you keep your hair out of your face?

*Exception: this doesn't work for ballet. You need a hair net for the ballet class bun and this thing will rip it to shreds.


  1. I'm impressed that you got a photo of the back of your head, first of all. Secondly, isn't it so funny how the grass is always greener?! My hair is so thick it won't stay up in a bun, etc. so I feel just as limited. I have never heard of these pins - awesome! Probably still wouldn't work for my hair, but I've taken to the sock bun lately ... we can both celebrate our little hairstyle triumphs.

    1. Haha. The grass is always greener, indeed. One of my friends with THICK hair just got these pins and they hold her hair in an awesome big bun. But hey, the sock bun is pretty sweet too. I love it because it makes it look like I have more hair that I really do.

      I'm curious though, what do you do with the loose ends? I cover the sock with like 4 inches of hair, and then try to pin the ends in. I'm always worried they'll get un-pinned. Do you have a special technique? Do share!


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