Losing Dedushka


My parents called me after dinner tonight
My head was quiet and my thoughts were light
As soon as my dad said my name
My heart sank, and sadness came

He said, "Grandpa. He died"
"Oh no. When?" I replied
"He died in his sleep"
and I heard my father weep

But all I could think at that moment
Was that he really liked Roquefort
Yes! The stinky cheese he desired
In USSR, it wasn't easily acquired

As a cried into my hands, cringing in pain
I thought, "Of all the memories stuck in my brain
Why cheese? Why not his work or his verbosity?
Or his urge to recite Russian poetry?"

He'd probably hate that I'm writing in English
But now as this horrible day comes to a finish
I remember, in my life, dedushka played a special part
His memories I will treasure, and keep close to my heart.

03.03.1938 - 11.29.2012
Goodbye, Dedushka.


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  2. "...his urge to recite Russian poetry?"
    Well, mostly Vysotskiy. I would even say only Vysotskiy.

  3. So sorry. He was always a fascinating presence in pictures and videos, watching his reaction and thinking of the interesting things he must have seen in his life. I would not have pegged him as verbose though!

    1. Ha! He really got going when somebody started talking about religion, or politics, or morality.

  4. I'm praying for comfort for you and your family!


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