Kindred Spirit


I love this girl. When I first heard of the term "kindred spirit", I was so sad that I couldn't think of anyone I could call my kindred spirit. I've known Tess for a while, and I've enjoyed her company plenty in the past, and we've never really kept in touch since she lives in St. Louis, MO. Well, no longer. We got to have a week-long sleepover at my apartment when she came for the wedding that I was making the wedding cake for, and it completely renewed our friendship.

In addition to being an incredibly cool chick that likes dresses, Arrested Development, makeup, cats, jewelry, shopping, food, and wearing 5-toed shoes, she also majored in Computer Science and loves programming. We have our differences (like whether paper should be recycled, stance on GMOs), but the most awesome part is that we can talk about concealer preference (bareMinerals all the way), Ruby, and how to use git to keep commit history clean in the same sitting.

How adorable is the neckline of her dress?!

I also owe the success of the wedding cake to Tessy. She distracted me with conversation when I was freaking out over the giant batch of buttercream frosting not coming together into a frosting-like mass. (It did when we finally came up for air!) She stayed up with me until 5 AM to finish frosting and decorating the cake. She sawed through the cake dowels, turned on faucets when my hands were covered with buttery frosting, opened refrigerator doors for bringing cakes in and out.

But most of all, she assured me, somehow in a non-cheesy way, that the cake was going to turn out alright. Even though everyone was saying the same thing, the only one I believed was Tess. (Probably because nobody else saw how horrific the first coating of frosting looked, and how wrong my original estimate on the amount of frosting needed was.)

tessy and I 
Do you have a kindred spirit?