Blueberry Muffin Love

Muffin in a bowl
Never mind the shitty picture. I took like 20 and none of them were good. Grrrr.

I can't believe I've never written here about the joy of a blueberry muffin. It's my Saturday morning breakfast of choice. A one bowl recipe, most of it could be (and should be) done the night before, has a lemony kick, and makes enough to share - it's a beaut!

I've tried many recipes. I loved the Cook's Illustrated one, but let's just say making blueberry jam to make a blueberry muffin before your morning coffee is not for the weak. Cue smitten kitchen, who thought the same thing, and was kind enough to simplify the recipe for us. So make it! It has the dreamiest batter (no?). You'll be licking that spatula before you take your first bite, and that's OK.

Also, if you're not eating 2 4 muffins with unsweetened milky coffee, you're doing it wrong.


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