To Cut or Not to Cut?

the gorgeous Karli Kloss rocking the short cut 

I had pretty short hair a few years ago (see here and here) It made for a very sad ballet bun, but I liked it otherwise. It's much longer now (see here), but it's a such a hassle.

My hair is thin, and the ends tangle like crazy. I end up having to use a ton of conditioner unless I'm going for the lion's mane look (ugh). I don't think I look any better with long hair. The only advantage, as I see it, is you can do more with it when it's long. There are a ton of hair tutorials for long-ish hair, and not too much for short hair. Also, I'd have to say (a very sad) goodbye to my good friend, the fishtail braid, if I got a cut.

What do you think? Go short or not? Also, bangs?


  1. I think it looks better long. Regardless of hair length you're still a pretty sexy lady! ow ow owww

  2. You need to decide.. but it could be a fun change! Love the bangs another fun change. The best grows...

  3. Мама считает: "Пробуй разные варианты стрижек. И с чёлкой тоже и с разной длиной."

  4. Бабушка считает - стричься.

  5. If it's more of a hassle long, I say chop it off! I'm envious that you have the face shape and hair type to pull it off - go girl, go! Bangs would take maintenance, so I would just take that into consideration. I'm on the fence about bangs, because I think they'd be awesome for like two weeks, but then get old. Hmmm...


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