Boiling Water

coolest looking kettle I've ever laid eyes on (photos from here)

I'm a minimalist in the kitchen. I try to avoid having one-trick-pony gadgets to minimize clutter due to storage space constraints. Apple corer/slicer, garlic peeler, grapefruit knife, citrus juicer, corn shucker, toaster, microwave (gasp) begone! (I realize I probably just offended 99% of my readers, but hey, this is what works for me. If you juice 50 oranges every morning, by all means, make me jealous and juice away.) I drink a lot of tea/coffee, but when I had to decide to have a kettle or to not have a kettle, I naturally decided against it.

I love this tiny-little pot more than life itself. Unlike a kettle, it can be used to melt butter, to heat milk for hot chocolate, to reheat one serving of soup/stew, as a base to a water-bath to melt chocolate, as a makeshift humidifier when I'm sick, among a million other things. It is one of the most used items in my kitchen (second only to my knife). Color me obsessed.

One problem: the pouring action from the tiny 2-spouted pot get just OK marks in accuracy. It took some practice to be able to pour the contents into a mug without spilling boiling water on my hands. But my newly acquired Aero Press has a much smaller water-acceptance area than a mug. I don't like water on my counter as much as the next gal, so (I-never-thought-I'd-say-this) I am looking for a kettle.

I like this and this. I realize spending $140 on a kettle is borderline insane, but I'm in love with the design. Suggestions, ideas?

 PS. The epitome of ridiculous kitchen gadgets (via joanna). Is it even for real?


  1. I'm not exactly the biggest kitchenware enthusiast but in general my buying philosophy is this:
    1) Always choose the item you love. Odds are you won't be completely content with anything else. Especially if you end up using it a lot.
    2) Saving a few extra dollars is never worth stripping away the satisfaction of expressing yourself.
    3) Good taste and appreciation for a particular design comes with a price tag. Embrace it.

  2. ooooh the Anaise kettle! I pick and choose my minimalism - microwave, see ya; toaster, meh; cast iron is used for everything. But. Tea-making items are a necessary beast, in my opinion. I have a simple little red KitchenAid from Target, but you've started my dreams about that wood-handled beauty.

    1. I hear ya. My cast iron is definitely a work-horse. Been dreaming about a personal cast iron pan ever since Joanna posted about cooking for one:

  3. Tough choice! They both look great and have their own character which is awesome. I really like how the long-necked (check out this monstrosity) kettles pour, but they are more difficult to clean because the lid opening and spout are so small. I'm sure you could find the proper cleaning tool with the $80 you would save though.

    While I like the Sight Glass kettle, I think the Kaico's simplicity is winning me over, and I'm pretty sure it would make the kitchen a happier place with its bright color. In addition, if you make a lot of hot chocolate, you can just pop the lid off and stir. This would make it at least a two-trick-pony gadget, justifying the higher price tag and a place in your kitchen.

  4. Neither teapot is ok. They have wooden handles.


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