May I Walk With You?

Do you ever use SoundCloud? It's hit or miss for me. But I found this song recently, and can't stop playing it.

I'm on a serious hunt (whatever that means) for new music. Anyone have recommendations?


  1. I'm probably the last person you should take music recommendations from due to the fact that I'm usually 6-12 months behind the curve, but I've recently been enjoying Spotify radio stations based on The Avett Brothers and Fleet Foxes for what it's worth.

    1. Avett Brothers are awesome. Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise is one of my favorites. I've never tried using Spotify radio. I should give it a try. THANKS!

      Also, one of my friends got an Aero Press for Christmas many moons ago. He never uses it, so I took it home, tried it, and it is excellent. So, DOUBLE thanks.

  2. Alex Clare:
    Anna Ternehim:
    Franz Ferdinand:
    Archive (pretty depressing):

    You probably won't like this but...
    Gary Clark Jr (Hendrix style guitar/bluesy rock):

    1. "pretty depressing" hahahahh!

      Anna Ternheim does a mean cover of "Little Lies", and Franz Ferdinand is plain awesome. Thanks for the suggestions!

    2. As per our conversation last night, here is some funky dance-able music:

    3. Well, holy **** (can I cuss on your blog?)
      I always thought Anna Ternheim's "Little Lies" sounded familiar but I never looked it up. Fleetwood Mac nonetheless! I don't know if I should be excited or just plain embarrassed.

      Also, while those songs didn't force me to break into dance, they made me realize what the problem is: I can't move my arms for shit! The nerves simply don't respond.


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