Silk Tee

I only found this beauty after it sold out. Le sigh. Now I'll never be that cool chick that wears a funky-fresh floral silk tee with a black mini-skirt or skinnies (like this cat over here). Why is the world so unfair??

Has this misfortune ever happen to any of you?


  1. Such a gorgeous top! Especially paired with that skirt! So sorry you missed out on it. :(

  2. Sold out FOREVER seems so punitive, like, 'next time you'll remember to check our web site often and not think too long about it if you are considering an item, just buy.' K-Mart doesn't do that to me.

    So, no, I can say this tragedy has never befell me.

    1. Hahahah. It's all about playing hard to get, isn't it? I am glad you don't engage in manipulative relationships with clothing stores, Kevin. I wish I could say the same for myself. Alas, I can't quit Madewell.


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