Things That Made My Week

In between dreams
photo by the incredible irene suchocki

This week has been exciting and stressful at the same time. As a result, I got very little sleep and am totally exhausted. Looking forward to catching some zzz this weekend. What about you? Any exciting plans?

Here are some things that made me happy this week:
- getting a ton of new music to listen to (4 hours, to be exact - whatwhat) Thank you!
- xcode 'command-/' shortcut (a lot more here)
- acing The Godfather trivia
- dry shampoo that let me skip washing my hair the mornings I just wanted to sleep
- ballet class is back from winter break
- lovely dinner with an old friend (a welcome break from cheese and crackers)
- swiping an AeroPress from the Bees (watch this)
- computer/mobile device magic


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