Things That Made My Week

Ready for Take-Off!
photo by Warren Bodnaruk of Rudy 

The past two weeks have been crazy exciting. I can't wait to figure everything out so I can finally share the news! Here are a few things that made me smile this week:

comfortable boots that let me walk all around the city with a satisfying click-clack
- watching my cats get really excited about being back home
- the sweets my aunt lovingly brought for me all the way from Russia
- getting back into breakfast making/eating routine
- the lovely Trader Joe's check-out girl who let me into the store at 8:59 PM
- cheese, green onion and prosciutto panini dunked in tomato soup at 9:15 PM
- this song

I'm going up to the Bay Area again this weekend to hang out with my brother, his girlfriend, and my aunt. Crossing my fingers we'll get to visit the Heath Ceramics Factory!