Classic Shade Sale!

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Great news! Ditto is having a sale on classic frame styles right now. You get 10% off if you order one pair (CLASSICS10), and 20% if you get two or more (CLASSICS20). This is really sweet considering most sales on sunglasses exclude brands like Ray-Ban, Persol, Maui Jim. But what's more classic than a pair of Ray Bans?

And, as Phil pointed out, their crazy warranty covers klutzes like me who might break their expensive stunna' shades by sitting on them. I bought my favorite pair of sunnies from Ditto, and couldn't be happier with their customer service. (Story time. I added a $50 polarized lens option to my order. The next day this sweet girl called me to explain that I don't actually need that since the glasses I got already include polarized lenses. And took the unnecessary $50 off.) 

I've already spent my year's budget for sunglasses. But if I hadn't, I'd be getting the Clubmaster. Enjoy!


  1. Since when did you resort to coupon codes? A new low, Olga.

    1. Uh. Since forever, know-nothing anonychipmunk.


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