On Making Coffee

photo from my trip to malmö, sweden

I didn't get into coffee until 2008. Eighteen long years after I was born. Obviously, I enjoyed a caffeinated sugar laden treat here and there. Who doesn't? But it wasn't until I got an iced coffee on an indian summer day in San Francisco that I started enjoying unadulterated black coffee.

It has been 5 years, (has it really?) and yet I still can't make a consistently decent cup for myself. In the summer, I get by with the foolproof cold brew method for iced coffee. But cool mornings are upon us (thank god!), and isn't a warm morning cup one of the most delicious things in life?

I found no non-sense instructions that I'll be following this fall. Have any coffee-related tips? Send 'em my way.

have a great day! xo


  1. Who else needs coffee lessons? Me, me! Definitely a learning curve around here.


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