Tray Decorating Workshop

My baby, J, and I were going to go to this tray decorating workshop at West Elm tonight. You get to decorate one of these trays and take it home. All under direction of the beautiful Erica Domesek (author of P.S. I made this)! How cool does that sound?

I haven't been feeling well lately (blame it on iOS 7), so we had to cancel our tickets. But I cannot stop staring at that tray. JZ and I might have to do our own DIY. Fingers crossed Erica or West Elm posts instructions after the event!

Doesn't the decorated tray look a million times better than one you'd buy?


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  2. ooooh, now THAT is a feasible DIY I can get behind. DIYing is one of those things that sounds so lovely but, if I'm being honest, is not my thang ... but a tray?! Roll some marbles around and call it done?! Okay okay. This could happen!

    1. Agreed to the max.

      Roll marbles?? Is THAT how they do that? I thought I'd just splatter some black paint. Golly. Clearly I shouldn't be doing this without somebody keeping my dumb ideas in check.


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