White Sneakers

white vans   happy socks

My love affair with totally impractical white sneakers started this spring. And it has only gotten worse now that I'm transitioning from a couple of leather strips attaching my feet to soles, back to real shoes.

I'm wearing Vans (w. happy socks :) in this photo, but I also have a pair of low-top Converse. I'm not sure which style I like better, but I have to say that white Converse are definitely more practical. They have that rubber toe which cleans really easily, whereas Vans are all canvas.

Is white sneakers a girl thing? Do you have a preference for Vans versus Converse?

P.S. My shoe-laces are insecurely tied in this photo. If you're curious about the right way to tie your shoes (and you should be), you must watch this video. Changed my life.


  1. Converse, definitely. I hope white isn't a girl thing because I had a pair of white high tops for a while...

    BTW, not so fast with the "right way to tie your shoes" claim. That way may be an improvement over the common method, but in my experience, the Better Bow is far and away the best shoelace knot (learned many years ago, courtesy of The Klutz Book of Knots, which is sadly no longer in print). It's stronger than double knotting and can be untied by pulling the ends like normal. Here's an unreasonably large GIF demonstration. (Where do I sign up to give a TED Talk?)

    1. That looks intense. That guy clearly knew nothing about knots. I'll give it a try the next time I'm wearing shoes with laces.

      I want so bad for you to give a TED talk, but I kinda feel like they've hit their limit on talks on tying shoes.

    2. You're right. I will begin studying alternative Velcro techniques immediately. TED talk in 2015.


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