Everlane Fold-Over Wallet Review


You didn't think I would just keep quiet about my new everlane wallet, did you? Nope. I love this thing, and here's why...

It's thin without compromising functionality.


The "wallet" I was using before was thin too. It wasn't as much a wallet as just a leather card pouch. It seemed great in theory. But the reality was me taking a full minute to find my driver's license. Since all the cards were stuck together, (a little nerdery here) it took an order of n operations to find any one item; where n is the number of items in my wallet.

This Everlane fold-over lets me have my cake and eat it too. It's beautiful, it's thin, the leather feels great (i'm no leather expert, but it seems like it's going to hold up a lot better than its predecessor), aaaand I don't have to fumble for my ID like a nervous teenager.

Here's what it's comfortably holding:
everlane wallet

top: car/health insurance // id, debit card (for cheaper gas), credit card, clipper card (for getting around sf)
bottom: the wallet itself (it looks black in this photo, but it's burgundy) // yoga cash


What do you think? Do you use a wallet? I'll be honest. Before this came out, I was so desperate. I considered just holding my cards together with a rubber band (à la regina :)

P.S. I busted this beauty out when paying for lunch on Monday. My coworkers ended up passing it around the the table. :) A couple of them ordered one for themselves once we got back to the office. (I'm intrigued to see the gray one in person.)

P.P.S. Other Everlane reviews: sandals, box cut tee, cashmere hat.


  1. So when does Everlane start cutting you checks for being their top promoter?

    1. Ha. Never. My blog is far too inconsequential.

  2. Shame on you for not keeping your cards sorted in order to achieve an O(log n) search :)

    I've been eyeing this wallet (partly because I instantly want anything Andrew Kim writes about), but I don't have any problems with my old-ish Fossil wallet. Maybe next time it goes through the wash I'll look for a new one. The Everlane wallet does look pretty nice though and would probably hold a couple more things. I also just noticed that Everlane breaks down the costs for each product, which is sweet.

    1. Hahahah. Oh, Phil. You should know that the insertion operation (putting card back in) would then have to be O(n).

      And the wallet that you linked to has the same problem, except it does have that one most commonly used card slot. I can definitely appreciate that. But holy crap! That blog looks awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    2. You make a fair point. I was assuming you would stick your finger in the stack to keep the card's place, resulting in a constant time insertion. This could get tricky if you're using multiple cards though. (I'm imagining pulling out a huge stack of cards at the register and demonstrating how cool binary search is to a clueless cashier now.)

  3. Is there a specific slot for cash (like a long one)? Or do you just put your money in one of the card slots?

    1. Hey, J! No, this wallet doesn't have a long slot for cash. (Which contributes to it being so thin, I think. There is quite a deep "card" slot, so I just fold my bills in half and put them in that. I only use cash twice a week, and I don't find this too inconvenient. Hope that helps!


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