Have you guys ever used Threadflip? It's kind of a more personal way to buy/sell gently used clothes. I've been trying to track down the Madewell floral silk tee I missed out a while ago. I keep hoping that somebody is bored of it by now. (No luck.)

But last week I put a few items for sale myself. Imagine my surprise when I "flipped" two sweaters within the first few days!

The following weekend I decided to step up my game...

At first I was shy about posting photos of myself wearing the item. But then I thought, wait a minute, what? I love it when people post photos of themselves. And I too can model! I'm practically Giselle. :)

So, up the photos went, and my much loved skirt and shirt found their way to their new owners this week.

P.S. Their app just got a major update for iOS 7, and was featured by Apple. Way to go, Threadflip!