August 10 - Penza

Wake up early 6-ish to walk to milk truck

We wander around to where it used to stop in the morning, but it’s not there

Still nice to be out in the cool morning

Mom talks to an old neighbor who is hungover (or still drunk?) and has all kind of wacky covid theories

“They won’t say it, but a shot of vodka every day will kill covid”

Go through one of the cabinets

Find vova’s and mine school journals (dnevnik) that you’re required to keep in Russian schools

Kind of wincing before opening mine, but turns out I was like a straight A student in Russia

Walk to hairdresser for mom recommended by Lyuda

Not a peep out of this hairdresser. She was laser focused. 

She had time leftover, so I got a haircut too

It’s so hot

We walk all over Penza to find another notary for inheritance advice

(To be clear, the inheritance in question is like $8K total, but it’s $8K that grandma saved and would be a shame if it went to the Russian government instead)

One notary is closed, the other one we can’t find at all

We walk home and Tatiana Manuikina wants to hang out

I’m too tired

Mom calls Lida to update her on the inheritance and to ask her to receive the money as the closest relative that is available (since dad didn’t come to Russia)

We eat and I take a nap

We go through more grandma’s things

Mom finds a backpack she had put together with tools so that mom could go to the cemetery to clean up when she visits

Her notes are a mix of prayers and step by step instructions for how to use the iPad

Mom falls asleep eating leftover cake