August 6 - Travel Day

Museum at Amsterdam airport

Tired but chatty guy in next seat

Mom’s Away suitcase is dented. 

Mom skipped COVID check and didn’t notice. 

Run to train just in time!

Russian government requires being able to get an SMS message in order to get on public wifi. Ughhhhh

Beg a guy to use his phone number to get on wifi and ask where this train is taking us 

Slam my temple into a metal handle

Rain in Moscow but warm!

Cannot believe we’re in moscow

I overestimated mom’s moscow knowledge

Apartment is so Russian, but great

Natasha and her mom meet us at our Airbnb

Вареники on Тверская ул

ВкусВилл, masks required but only at register

Soooo sleepy but also tea time

Dead at 10:30