August 14 - St. Petersburg

Up at 6

Run through empty St. Petersburg — seriously the best

Need to do this for every vacation

So nervous for the test

Everyone I talked to in Russia seems to not be vaccinated and I’ve been in close quarters with some of them (8 people in a sedan anyone?)

I feel great, but who knows

PCR test was a shallow nose and throat swab

Takes a full day to get results

As soon as I walk out of the clinic, I decide to get a rapid test, just so I can relax

This is the scrape your brain through your nose type

But dang it was cool to see it work

Negative for covid — phew!

Walk back to Airbnb, shower, breakfast before tour

Breakfast is so meh

Lame Airbnb experience is actually really good

Not as good as the Moscow one, but still exceeds my expectations

Right after the tour, we meet Acya and her two kids

I hadn’t seen her since I was like 10 (maybe younger?), so it was a trip to see her

Her son is a model and her daughter looks like Billie Eilish

Another walk around the city

When we get back, my watch says we walked 17 miles

Since it’s our last night here, we walked to Issac’s church to get a look at the city from the top

It’s packed and not worth the 400 ruble admission

Mom wants us to try Буше, so we go to a place called Буше

Turns out they don’t sell Буше

We go to another bakery that unexpectedly has it.

Mom passes out and I eat all the dessert