August 7 - Moscow

Up at 6. Mom couldn’t sleep until 4 oof


Ряженка, творог, Whole Foods granola

Run to red square. The most fun run I’ve had… ever? What a fun way to sightsee.

Empty city

Back and Masha is at the подъезд door

Shower. They’re chatting, but I’m anxious to pack and get out the door.

Scary to leave suitcases at the Airbnb and drop off the key

Tour of moscow omg the best

Holy shit do I like Moscow??

Maybe just in love with the tour guide?

this building looked like a giant cruise ship to me haha. uncanny.

Train station, impressive check in

Kinda miss the paper train tickets though

Antagonistic train companions

"Вы что с Луны свалились? Женщина, надо меньше на диване сидеть в интернете чушь читать"

Bathroom is nasty smelling and no window

But i guess it’s good we’re not spilling human waste on the tracks anymore?

Sleep at 10