August 16 - Travel home

Rainy morning

I have a “funny tummy” — giardia from St. Petersburg tap water?

Run through Vondelpark

Take a third shit on the poor houseboat


Out at 7:30

Tram to Lelylaan, train to Schiphol from there

Google Maps crashed in the background again, but I’m more familiar this time

I swear I will never get a locked phone again

Walking through same airport where mom and I walked around for hours makes me a little nostalgic

But I’m so ready to come home

Smoked salmon sandwich for breakfast

Duty free to “sample” moisturizer and sunscreen

Walk to the gate 40 minutes early

Panic when it says “Gate closed”

It’s not

Empty seat next to me — the biggest YAY

Swim in the Pond in the Rain is the perfect read for this trip

Watch Minari, which makes me cry of course

Watch pieces of all kinds of movies on other people’s screens when looking up from my book

Old guy to my right is cracking up at some Robert DeNiro and guy from Workaholics movie

Tarzan, Hangover 2, Crazy Stupid Love, Creed 2 are popular choices

Older lady to my left tries to pick up the nice flight attendant, but he’s married