August 13 - Travel to St. Petersburg

Lyuda picks us up to bring us to the airport

Russia has a tradition for everyone to sit down together for a minute before a trip

We sit and she prays, which makes me cry

Say bye to Lyuda and Anya at the airport

Plane to Moscow and St. Petersburg

No water fountains anywhere.

No seats by the gate

Priority Pass is expired. 

Trying to piece together a trip of my dreams in St Petersburg, but beginning to make peace with not getting that this time. 

Taxi to Airbnb. Our listing exceeds all my expectations. 

Chug tap water

Find out you’re not supposed to drink tap water in St. Petersburg

Hungry, but mom wants to wait for Roma

Walk to Alexander’s Garden

Confused by subway ticketing system we buy 3 90 minute passes but on the same subway card. Turns out you can’t use the same card within 20 minutes. Mom talks her way in.

Meet Roma

We find out that you can just use Apple Pay/card with chip to get on subway

Back to our Airbnb and the restaurant in our courtyard

Our table only has 3 chars. There’s a couple at the table next to ours that has an extra chair. We ask to use it. The lady says, “Better if you ask the staff for another one. My bag is on this one.”

Roma is really picky about food — did he change or did I forget?

Mom and I end up eating most of everything we order. It’s really good, or I’m really hungry. 

Frustrated about our plans

I want to sightsee, but mom made loose plans with an old friend

Which is worse than firm plans

We finally book a lame 2.5 hour Airbnb Experience

I figure out my COVID testing strategy for upcoming flight back to US

Late walk. 

Bed is so comfy.