Frozen Lake Baikal - People on Ice
frozen lake baikal via dave oakley

I sound like a broken record, maybe it's just one of the symptoms of being 22 (cue TS) (ha! did I just trick you into clicking on a taylor swift song?), but this shit is stressful. There are so many opportunities, so many choices. Each one makes me anxious like the world is going to end if I don't make the right decision. I'm unsure of anything. I feel sloppy.

One thing that has sort of helped is thinking about this year's travel plans. I think about Lake Baikal, about how old and constant it is, about how it's frozen right now. It almost feels like it's waiting for me. It helps to know that it will be there regardless of how many mistakes I make between now and August 9th. I'll breathe in that warm summer air and be calm knowing something finally went according to plan. (Did I just jinx it?)


  1. I enjoyed about 90 seconds of that song until I looked at the screen, saw it was Taylor Swift, and shut it down, mortified. :P (I haven't listened to much but i like ).

    It sounds like you are trying to choose from amongst only good options. Keep that in mind! And no matter how control freaky you get, you can't control or predict the future -- it's going to keep surprising you. There is no way to know what is going to happen, but the flip side is there is no choice you can make that won't leave you with infinite possibilities ahead of you. Let go! Embrace the sloppy chaos! Pick a wave and get on! ;) (Damn, giving advice is so easy!)

    (I've never done it but maybe a pro/con list would help; or maybe that would be a way to obsess more and be more anxious).

    “If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's.” Joseph Campbell

    PS don't get lost in Siberia

    1. Hahha. I was just giving love-advice to one of my friends. Was thinking the same thing. When did I get so experienced and insightful? Regardless, I love getting advice AND inspirational quotes. So, thank you.

      Also, that article was on HackerNews a few days ago! Crazy Russians.


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