Tahoe Skiing

Lake Tahoe
beautiful lake tahoe photos via bleh and cellissimo

I'm taking a mini-vacation to Lake Tahoe next week! I've never been there, and could not be more stoked for this trip. I'll be taking next Friday off work, flying up to San Francisco Thursday night, then heading out to Tahoe from there.

Forrest is essentially letting me crash the Yelp ski trip. 30 of us are renting a cabin that's intended for 18 people. (How awesome does it look?) I can't wait to make new friends, sit next to a fireplace, stargaze in the cold, take some photos, and ski my little heart out.

Have you ever been to Tahoe? I've been day-dreaming, and scanning flickr photos for weeks. The snowy beaches look surreal! Would you walk down a snow-covered pier? I think I'd be scared of falling into the freezing water.


  1. Yes, I once gazed upon Lake Tahoe, on my way to a casino. I barely stopped, because at your age I was not as smart as you are. Which, when you think about it, means there is hope for you, as I am now much, much smarter than everyone.

    I am glad you are cured enough of your Russianness to give a second thought to walking down a snow-covered pier. According to my ongoing Russian Studies 101 class at Buzzfeed that's just what your inner Russian would tell you to do, just to prove you aren't weak or scared (like, for instance, of death and stuff). http://www.buzzfeed.com/bennyjohnson/reasons-why-russia-is-a-crazy-awesome-place-to-live

    1. Hahahah. The bungee jumping and tower climbing ones made me shit my pants. The rest were hilarious (because they're true).


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