Soft-Boiled Eggs

soft boiled eggs

I have been on a soft-boiled egg kick lately. You know why? Because after 22.5 years on this planet I finally learned how to consistently make them. There is nothing more frustrating than getting up early to make Buttery Herb-Gruyere Toast (which smells of heaven), then cutting into the egg only to find out the yolk is hard and totally not dip-able. Heartbreak tastes of delicious garlic gruyere toast and crumbly yolk, friends. It does not taste good.

I changed my mind soon after I bee-lined for the new issue of Cook's Illustrated on Sue's kitchen counter a few week ago and stumbled upon the feature on soft-cooked eggs. CI definitely has a knack for making things unnecessarily complicated. Who wants to read three pages of instruction for such a simple dish? (I do!) I can see how it's a turn-off to most people. Let me distill it to 3 sentences for you.

Fill a pot with enough water to come up roughly 1/2 inch, and bring to boil. Gently lower the eggs in the water (which won't cover the eggs), cover the pot, and boil/steam for 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Run cold water over the eggs, peel, and enjoy the runny yolk goodness.

Whole wheat tortilla and avocado is entirely optional. Freshly ground pepper is not.all done!


  1. I love soft-boiled eggs too! And yes, I was just reading somewhere else about the steaming technique, haven't tried it yet though. Good to hear it works so well! Thanks for stopping by,


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