Things That Made My Week

(photo via luminousatmosphere)

How was your love week? I spent most of the week being anxious/excited about Valentine's Day. (And I have face pimples to prove it! Gah.) Mainly stressing out over picking the best sugar cookie recipe. Silly, I know. I'm in the Bay Area for the weekend. Really excited to dance at Alonozo King Ballet and to eat some burratta cheese salad with Forrest!

Here are some things that made me happy this week:
- days are getting longer! yay!
- blooming trees right next to my ballet studio
- dog shaming blog (especially this one)
- these honest valentines (thanks, JZ!)
- getting a heartfelt message from my blog-friend
- this
- wearing my hearts shirt on v-day and not feeling even a tiny bit cheesy

I love y'all with all my butt. (I'd say "my heart" but my butt is bigger, obviously.) What made YOU happy or glad this week? 


  1. Were any of your admirers brave enough to valentinize you? I got some candy. Just sayin'.

    1. Ha! Am I that intimidating? I did get TCHO chocolate and a lovely note from a boy. So, I must not be that scary.

      Your dad is sweet. :)


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