Center Part

Lady-friends, how do you make the center part look good? It makes no sense. When I catch myself in the mirror accidentally rocking the center part, I instinctively sweep some of it to one side. I look like such a goon.

Straight hair with a center part is all the rage this season. I want to be symmetric like a J.Crew model too! :(


  1. Are you going to cut your hair?! I'm dying to find out.

    1. Hahahha! Are you really? I'm flattered.

      I'm still not sure. I'm conflicted. I feel like I should enjoy long hair while I still can. I've been told that you pretty much have to chop it off once you have children. I know it will grow back way before then, but then I will have lost that many years of long hair.

      Maybe I'll just do it when summer rolls around and LA heat makes my neck sweat and hair greasy. I'm enjoying the insta-scarf that it's providing at the moment.

      UGH. I'm indecisive. Can you tell?

  2. Yes! Subtle, but definitely sense it. Haha.
    Dye it! Do something fun for spring, summer feels too far off.


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