Working from SF

working from SFMOMA

I got to work from home this last Friday.

And by home, I mean, I drove up north to work across the street from Yelp's office at SFMOMA. Despite having VPN problems I actually got a lot of work done. It was nice to have a change of scenery, having faster build times (go SSD, go!), chugging down very expensive Blue Bottle coffee and sharing a giant blob of burratta cheese on a bed of beets and greens for lunch with Forrest.


  1. I hate to nitpick but there is an error in your code. A couple of lines should read:

    "//don't know how to trigger this :o"

    As a professional, you should always use emoticons in your comments to enhance readability.

    1. I'll have to keep that in mind.

    2. I agree, Olga. That joke must be so tired to a programmer. I was sorely tempted to delete it pretty quick, but that would be silly. It's OK to be dumb sometimes.

      There is such thing as a C class though, contrary to your previous statement. I know because I took one once.

    3. Hahahahahh. Narcissus! You're alive.

  2. I'm mortal?! CRAP!!


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