Cute Sunnies

shark in the water

I've been a fan of cheapie-cheap sunglasses for quite some time now. How cheap? Let's just say you can buy 7.5 pairs of my sunglasses with what you'd spend on this cute sunnies case.

I tend to lose/break things. And once every few months somebody sits down in the passenger seat of my car (precisely where I store my sunglasses - duh!) and I say bye-bye to my now-broken-in-half-perfectly-slightly-cat-eye sunnies. While I would be disappointed if they cost me $300, I almost welcome it with cheapie ones. It means I get to shop for another pair. Another chance to be mysteriously beautiful behind dark shades! Yay!

But every time I watch a TV character (Don Draper, mostly) put on his/her Ray Bans, my heart skips. Is my cheap sunglasses philosophy all wrong? My ex-boyfriend swore by his (expensive, albeit goofy :) Oakleys. Are any of you in the splurge camp?

PS. These sunnies also look divine!


  1. I've had the same exact thoughts and so far have not let myself splurge. I also figure that if I'm going to go to the trouble, I may as well get polarized lenses which makes them even more expensive. The worst part is that I feel I pretty much have to go into a store to find the exact right fit, which means dealing with salespeople and feeling guilty for price hunting online. The Ditto folks seems to have solved that problem though, so maybe I'll have an excuse once summer rolls around :)

    Did you see that Ditto has a 2 year warranty which they specifically say covers sitting on your glasses in the car?

    1. Holy shit! No. That's awesome. LET'S GET SOME EXPENSIVE-ASS SUNGLASSES!

      (I, too, hate shopping in real life with real salespeople. So awkward.)

    2. I can't believe what I'm reading here. Sales people are half the adventure/fun of shopping!

      Case in point (and a semi-related note), one of the girls at the sunglasses hut in Simi gave me her cellphone number and offered her employee discount.
      Anyway, I'm not sure if said offer applies to [female] friends but there's only one way to find out!

    3. Wow, Jason. You are ballin'. I can't speak for Phil, but I certainly don't ball as hard. Try as I may to mack on sales dudes, I have not gotten a single employee discount.


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