Day 10 | mile 151.9 - 168.6

We woke up to an alarm at 4:15. It took us a while to get ready because it was dark. I had to hang my wet clothes off my pack. Started walking at 4:40.
My headlamp was on the low setting and I promptly stumbled over a step. I caught myself but my water bottles flew in front of me. That woke me up! With my headlamp turned up we moved on. Shed some layers after a mile or so. We kept hitting some cold pockets air, so I was alternating between too hot and too cold.

Soon we didn’t need the headlamps and I changed into my hiking shirt. We didn’t see the sunrise, but the sky was really pretty. And after yesterday it was really refreshing to be cold and wish for the sun.

We stopped for breakfast at 6:50. We were walking on a narrow trail among boulders and there was a perfect flat spot for us just off the trail. I had bagel and cream cheese and tea again. Last one. :( I also packed the bottom snack pocket with bars and stuff.
We did 10 before 10 again. Even though it was mostly uphill.

A few miles later I spotted a dead something just off the trail. I think it’s a cat? Look at those claws!

And a few miles after that, at a sweet lookout point, there was a loud rattle coming from under a rock. My first rattlesnake sighting on the PCT!

At 11:30, we hit a nice campsite for lunch. The plan was to eat and then take a nap. I made ramen with extra oil and cheese stick. Soon, Sue showed up and I was really excited to get to know her so we chatted.
Sue is a registered nurse in Canada. She must be my parents’ age. This is her second time doing the PCT. She brought powdered hummus on the trip. That’s how committed she is.
We didn’t end up taking a nap because we talked for an hour and a half. And as soon as she left another interesting girl showed up.
10-ish miles of the PCT are closed due to a San Jacinto Fire a few years ago and there are a few alternates. 80% of hikers skip from paradise Valley Cafe directly to Idyllwild. But we wanted to hike all open miles of the PCT.

Our original plan was to hike the Spitler trail alternate. But we decided to leAve our packs at the fobes junction and hike the 2.2 miles to Spitler peak without our packs. We flew there and back in 1 hour 45 minutes. Then hiked down Fobes trail.

I ran out of water and it was a miserable never ending walk to the road. We got to hitch into Idyllwild form the owner of Paradise Valley cafe.

As soon as we got in, I went to the store to get an apple, an orange, an avocado, and a Squirt grapefruit soda.
From there we went to the Idyllwild campground. I didn’t want to spend money on a hotel room and a meal out. So, I just made a camp dinner.
We hiked almost 25 miles today and my body is feeling it. I’m falling asleep next to another road as I’m writing this. Maybe a 0 tomorrow?