Day 28 | mile 588.2 - 621.9

Kept waking up with every Baby Blanket’s movement thinking it was time to go. Finally up at 4:30. Everything was covered in dew. Danish for breakfast. No time to cook.

Beautiful sunrise. Radar and Baby Blanket stopped to stretch and eat. I wanted to keep going.

10 miles in I started to feel pain in my left shin. I noticed the muscle was sore there last night but didn’t think much of it. Now it was making me pay attention. I wanted to pass 600 mile marker before stopping. So I did. The pain was sharp by then.

I stretched and made oatmeal. Dried out my sleeping bag. Texted Sriracha because he had exactly the same issue. Called Alex.

Moved on after a hour. Radar was still at the water. I filled up, washed my socks and moved on. We leap frogged until the next source. He kept getting ahead and stopping.

I listened to Do by Friday podcast to cheer me up. Then MBMBAM when the episodes ran out.

The last few miles were awful. I was tired and it was getting dark. The views were amazing though. I can see the Sierra now.

We did 34.2 miles today, which didn’t help my shin. I’m in a really bad spot to have issues. There aren’t a lot of roads to bail out from. And almost no reception. And I only have 3 days of food left so I can’t go too slow.

Anterior tibial tendonitis is what I think I have.