Day 6 | mile 80.6 - 101.1

Woke up at 5:30. It drizzled all through the night. Got up and made 2 packets of oatmeal (1 dinosaur egg + 1 regular) and coffee. Sriracha and Anna left early because they cold soak and they’re faster. 

Selby and I started hiking at 7. It was windy and cold with patches of sun. I chatted with Alex on the phone, and Selby chatted with her mom. Selby’s mom explained how ibuprofen works.

We were hoping to catch up with Sriracha and eat lunch around 10, but he was too far ahead. We were super hungry and ate a package of skittles to hold us over. Finally, we caught up to him about a mile before the water cache and decided to wait until we hit the cache to eat.

Ran into Anna 0.2 miles before the cache, and all 4 of us hiked down to the cache together. It was a pretty impressive setup with pallets so brand new Costco water bottles.

We quickly deployed our sleeping pads and got off our feet. I would like to say how amazing foam sleeping pads are. Ya, they’re a bit bulky, but there’s no substitute for a 5 second setup time. 

Selby and I split a package of mashed potatoes. I added stinky salmon to my portion. For dessert we split a jumbo Twix!

With 10 miles under our belt, lunch eaten, and water filled, we started hiking again. The miles dragged on and Selby exhausted conversation topics. The miles dragged on. Until Selby busted out Washington On Your Side rap, and Anna followed with the Final Rap Battle from 8 mile.

We hit 100 miles and took pictures!

Camped at 101.1. Soupy mac and cheese for dinner due to a cup to ml conversion mishap. Followed with ramen. Then hot chocolate and the rest of Oreos.

8 miles to Warner Springs tomorrow! Then shower, laundry, real food, real bed.