Day 7 | mile 101.1 - 111.4

Woke up in the middle of the night to headlamps shining on the tent. Again at 1 when Selby was inexplicably awake and on her phone. And finally at 5:30 when it was time to get up.

Selby and I split 3 packets of oatmeal, but I’m pretty sure I ate most of that. Since we only had 10 miles to hike, we could take it easy. Started hiking at 7.

It heated up quickly today and we all stripped down to shorts within a mile. Selby was going through her collection of jokes.

It was a really nice, easy hike through meadows. Within 5 miles, we were at Eagle Rock.

Some jerks were drying their sleeping bags and tents right on the rocks that make up eagle rock. Sriracha has to ask them to move those. Bleh.

We took silly pictures for an hour. It really looks like an eagle.

The rest of the walk to Warner Springs was uneventful. There are two exits into town: one at mile 109, and another at 111. We took the later one because we figured we’d have to wait for check in anyway.

That turned out to not be the best of decisions. We had to road walk a mile to the post office because cars were zooming by and we couldn’t get a hitch. It would’ve been much easier to hitch from the other side (where the community center is located).

We got there at 12, and had to wait 4 hours until check in. We did get to pick up our boxes though! It was so nice to pick up the box that Alex sent, and read his sweet note. :(

After getting the box, I got really sad. I haven’t really planned anything after Warner Springs. And Selby is leaving. So, I’m on my own. I really know if I can do this by myself. I like hiking, and I feel good when I’m hiking. I hate the meal planning and trying to estimate how much food to take, and where you’ll resupply next. Being in town is so stressful.

Anna, Selby and I walked down to the community center. Anna needed food, and I needed fuel. We both got what we came there for. We also looked at the little van outfitter they had there. Selby almost bought a jacket. A nice lady gave us a ride back.

Checked in at the hotel. We showered in the following order: Selby, me, Anna, Sriracha. Sriracha took the longest. We each did laundry.

Since all of my clothes were wet, I wore my rain gear and rain gear only: wind pants, rain jacket. That’s it.

It is a joy to have running water.

Sriracha was in no rush for dinner and later we found out why. He had eaten lunch when we were out at the community center.

Selby and I split a burrito, ribs, and salad. The burrito was the weirdest thing ever - just meat, avocado, and salsa. No rice, no beans. No filler! It wasn’t as good as you’d think.

We tried to get ice cream after dinner, but that little gas station closes at 6.

Back at the hotel, I organized my meals, and decided to ship some food to Idyllwild. I have way too much.

Selby leaves at 9 tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be on the trail soon after.