Day 9 | mile 129.2 - 151.9

Cowboy camping was amazing. The sky was beautiful, I was watching satellites pass over me as I was falling asleep. Possibly the same satellites that let me talk to Alex and my parents when there’s no service. They make me feel less alone.

Woke up at 5:30 and we were moving by 5:45. We decided to have breakfast later. We stopped at 7. I made tea and ate a bagel with cream cheese. Both, Annah and I pooped. Not together.
Annah took off while I was still packing up. And I used my walk alone to call mom. 10 minutes later, as I grabbed my water bottle for a drink, I realized I didn’t have my poles! This was a huge fear for me when I started the trail. Having to redo trail miles because I left something. I quickly ran back to get them.
Chatted with mom about the next resupply. My oatmeals have been way too sweet because I’ve been eating those packets. So, she is going to mix some packet oatmeal with regular oats for the perfect mix. Can’t wait!
It was hot by 8:30 and getting hotter. I passed a bunch of people trying to chase down Annah.
***TMI warning***
The sun was relentless and I was having gastrointestinal issues. The landscape might’ve been beautiful, but I couldn’t tell you much about it. I could tell you that the landscape didn’t present a good place to dig a hole to take a shit. It was switchbacks into a valley and switchbacks on the other side of the mountain. No place to hide. Finally I saw an opening and basically ran up the side of the mountain just barely in time. I think I now know what Vova goes through every day. I feel much better now.

I ran out of all my water just as I hit a well maintained water cache ate mile 15. On it was a sign: “Celebration 2.2 miles ahead. Food service 11-3” I looked at my watch, it was 11:35. If that doesn’t give you a boost to hike another 2.2 miles in the sun, nothing will.
I hadn’t caught up to Annah yet, so I imagined she was drinking a cold drink and waiting for me. I rpowered through the 2.2 miles of gradual uphill. There was a round of applause when I rolled in. Like finishing a race! I was so disoriented. All I could muster was “is Annah here?” She’s wasn’t. 20 minutes later, she runs in and says “is Olga here?” :)
Apparently she took a side trail to the stream. That’s when I passed her.

I ate 2 hot dogs and a piece of chicken, a bunch of fruit, and ice cream with strawberries. This is all held on a trail angel’s property - Mary. Mary is amazing. She maintains a water cache and a small library for hikers. And hosts 2 events every year - cinco de mayo and Easter. I was just so incredibly lucky to catch one of them.
I also dropped off my trash, washed my hands, and refilled my sunscreen. Took a 45 minute nap in the shade after eating.
It was hard to leave, but we had to push on. Annah and I hiked together finally. We left at 3 to hike 6.5 hard miles to Highway 74.

 It was an easy hitch to Paradise Valley Café from there. We all ordered burgers. They are super friendly to hikers and even let hikers sleep on the restaurant patio and leave the bathrooms open at night. I went to the bathroom to wash my socks and clothes in hopes of catching the last of the sun to dry them out. They’re still not dry...
I wanted to get back on trail instead of sleeping at the restaurant. So Annah and I got a ride from this man and his son who we met earlier - Jamie and Gavin. They are section hiking the whole PCT. Gavin is 10 and knows more about the PCT than all of us combined. So cool.
Hiking was just brutal today. I’ve been ending days wanting to hike more. Today was the first day when I was doneee. Going to sleep now with the sound of cars zooming by on the road.


  1. Я заметил две опечатки в твоём посте. Необычно для тебя. Видать ты сильно устала сегодня. Спасибо за написание столь подробных постов!

  2. Я не понял, почему они тебе аплодировали?


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