Day 24 | mile 478.2 - 503.0

Woke up in a bed and next to Alex. Whoa. The sun was shining right in the window, so I got up to close the blinds and got back in bed. Mmmmmmm.

We got up at 7 to make a plan. Lena said not to wake her up before 8. We were both hungry for breakfast, and I was also hungry for some computer time.

Alex got the computer and I washed my socks and shirt. Once I saw my blog in a laptop browser window I literally gasped. So ugly and poorly formatted. How does anyone read this?

I’ve been using this shitty app to publish posts from my phone. If anyone has suggestions for better blogger apps I’m all ears. Or should I migrate elsewhere?

Alex and I messed around with the layout a bit. I think it’s worse now because you can’t actually read full entires anymore. At least before it was functional. Anyway, if you can read full posts later, you can thank Alex because he fixed it.

Alex went to get Panera bread breakfast while recounted the events of yesterday and cried all over again. 

The three of us split 4 egg souffl├ęs and 2 cinnamon crunch bagels. It was amazing. You know what else is amazing? Bed and pillows and running water. 

It took me a while to finish writing. Alex had time to throughly clean all my water bottles and go through my food and organize stuff.

They brought so much food. I really had my pick. Too bad it’s only 3 days to Tehachapi. 

Finally at 11, we got on the road to do what I’ve been dreading almost as soon as i saw Alex on the trail - the goodbyes. I fell apart, per usual. There was a PCT hiker to whom Lena offered a soda and watermelon. He was very appreciative, but quickly felt awkward because I was sobbing  right next to him.

When I passed him a minute later he asked how long Alex and I had been together. 3.5 years, I said. “He’ll be back.” I nodded, still crying. “Go have a good cry” he said. :) Permission to cry granted! There was something so kind about that gesture. He didn’t tell me that what I’m feeling is wrong or that I should be feeling something else. 

And cry I did. All the way up the first hill. And then I got a message from Diana, which made me cry some more. It’s not sad crying. Just feelings. Good ones.

I passed a ton of people today. I was wearing new shoes. I had just seen my boyfriend. I had just showered and my clothes smelled like my favorite detergent. When I told people my name, their face would light up in recognition as they recalled Lena’s pancakes and that these trail angels were surprising a girl named Olga.

Everything was going for me and the miles were easy. It was sunny and windy at first, then overcast and windy until I got into the trees.

Hit Sawtooth Campground (mile 20) at 6:30 and walked up to get water while eating a snack. This dude offered some of his water because he said he has too much. And it was 0.5 mile from the trail to get it from the source. Thanks, Breezy!

Let me tell you about the snack I was eating. It wasn’t a cliff bar. It was a cinnamon crunch bagel with Nutella and banana. It was Lena’s creation. It was the best. Everyone was jealous and I didn’t share.

Busted out another quick 5 miles to pass the 500 mark and catch up with Radar.

Rolled in to camp at 8. Radar said “you made it!” Everyone was already asleep here. So, no dinner. I wasn’t that hungry after that “snack” anyway. Night!